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Want to Read More Books? 10 Tips for Developing a Reading Habit

Do you want to read more but struggle to achieve that aim? Here are 10 habits to try out that can help you stick with it and create a new reading routine in your life. You’ll be amazed how many more books you can finish if you are more intentional about creating opportunities for reading.

1. Super simple - use a bookmark.

How often do you pick up a book you’ve already started reading and spend a precious few minutes trying to find the page you were last reading. Skip the searching and jump straight back into the action.

2. Set aside a specific time every single day for reading.

It might be 20 minutes first thing in the morning in the quiet with a cup of coffee, it might be last thing at night before you go to sleep, it might be during your lunch break to give yourself a screen break before getting back to work. Whatever fits into your life – make it a habit that you just don’t skip.

3. Always bring a book with you.

Whether you’re waiting for the dentist, collecting the kids from school, on the train to work – if you’ve always got a book in your bag then you’re more likely to pick it up rather than scrolling on your phone.

4. Try different reading formats.

Audio books are great for multitasking when you’re busy and can’t sit down – you might be cleaning the house, driving, or out for a walk. The different format can also help keep multiple books separate in your head.

5. Join a book club.

There’s nothing like the pressure of a deadline to help focus the mind. Also, the discussion after reading can really help you to appreciate a book from a different perspective – even if you didn’t initially enjoy it.

6. Try joining your local library.

Firstly, you can reserve books you’re interested in reading and secondly every time you pop in to collect a book you’re bound to get inspiration for another book – or 10 that look intriguing.

7. Organise your book shelves.

You could try creating a to be read section. So, whenever you’re in the mood to read a book, or you’ve just finished one, you can easily choose your next read from an easily accessible stack of books you’ve already decided you’d like to read.

8. Try reading seasonally.

For example, during the Autumn - pick up some books that make you want to curl up under a cosy blanket whilst it rains outside. When you’re off on your summer holiday – pick up some fun, beach reads that go well poolside with a cocktail If it’s almost Christmas - pick up some feel good festive reads to get you into a festive mood.

9. Always have a book on the go.

Imagine you’re reading an amazing book, you finish it and then find it really hard to get it out of your head and pick up a new book. Overcome this by ensuring you’ve always got your next book ready to go, or even start a couple of chapters before you’ve finished the previous one.

10. Join a book subscription box service such as Cosy Wee Reads.

Cosy Wee Reads is all about celebrating Scottish fiction. Choose a 3 month, 6 month or quarterly subscription, select a fiction category and then sit back and wait for a Scottish fiction book to wing its way right to your door each month. You can find out more about subscriptions and one-off gifts here.


Hopefully these tips to help you read more have inspired you to pick up a book. Go ahead, start a new reading habit now and see if you can finish more books - happy reading!

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