About Cosy Wee Reads

Jen - Cosy Wee Reads Founder.jpg

I’m Jen, the founder and owner of cosy wee reads.  From a as long ago as I can remember, I have always loved curling up, getting lost in a great book and have spent uncountable hours reading.  I wanted to be able to share that love, allowing other book lovers to discover new books and so cosy wee reads was born. 

Combining great books with my home country of Scotland was an obvious match.  There is such a wide range of great literature waiting to be read;  whether that be books set in the dramatic Scottish urban and rural landscape or books written by authors with a Scottish link.  I’m passionate about selecting great books that I love, from the many books I read every month, for others to enjoy.  

Receiving a book to your door is a lovely gift and for that book to be hand selected

and wrapped just for you adds an extra special touch.

Ready to treat yourself or your loved one?